They’re Here!

The Books are In!


It took an incredible amount of work, many all-nighters, and getting stuck up in Canada when US Customs wouldn’t let us through the border with 1500 books, but they’re finally here!

We’ll be attending cons and doing signings here and there, and we are slowly placing it in stores (thank you to Comics N More, Rubber Chicken Comics, and Alternate Universe!).  However, if you’re not local to any of those stores, the fastest way to get this book into your hands or place it under the tree for a loved one is to head on over to Amazon, where you can take advantage of a Prime membership and be reading it in two days!

Thank you for your support!

Nate, Jack, & Davin

Terrificon & Pre-Orders!


We just got back from Terrificon at Mohegan Sun and WOW! — what an amazing show!  We saw lots of old friends, made some new ones, and were blown away by all the pre-orders of Malice and Mistletoe.

Pre-orders, you say?

That’s right — we’re now taking pre-orders for Malice and Mistletoe, which we expect to have out for Thanksgiving (or sooner).  If you didn’t get a chance to jump in on the Kickstarter, then come see us at an upcoming Con and get in on this con-exclusive, pre-release book!


Come see us at Hartford Comic Con on September 19-20, or Bing Con on October 24th, and you can whet your appetite with the first 25 pages of Malice and Mistletoe, when you pre-order the full book.  Digital copies are $10, and $20 will get you the print copy, with shipping included.

Even better — we’ll sign the pre-release, with a little head sketch from Jack, and we’ll give you a bit of a discount on our t-shirts and whiskey glasses!










In the meantime, here’s a pre-color, pre-design look at the cover for the Kickstarter release of Malice and Mistletoe, if you didn’t already catch it on our facebook page.11796409_489998131162398_7304161771147288951_n


Gisila and a Friend’s New Book!

Meet Gisila:  One of Claus’ spies assigned to help Eldon in his quest to kill Krampus.  And no — she’s not happy about it.



We want to take a second to pimp our friend (and Malice and Mistletoe backer!) James Schannep’s newest book — SUPERPOWERED.  It’s basically a choose your own adventure for adults.  I had a sneak peak at an early draft and it’s a ton of fun.

You might also notice that the below art looks a little familiar.  That’s because it’s the work of Malice and Mistletoe’s very own Jack Purcell.  Killing it, as always.

James is currently giving away signed copies of the series in celebration of the latest release.  CHECK IT!

Want to Read the First 18 Pages?

KrampusWe’d initially hoped to get Malice and Mistletoe into your hands by mid-to-late spring, this year.  Due to a number of circumstances, such as taking on new creative opportunities and overhauling the script to better-serve the story, it’s looking more like late July or August.

Trust us — the result will be worth the wait.  In the meantime, you can see the first 18 pages, just as they’ll appear in the book.  How?  Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll send you the download link.

Do it!  And when you’ve finished reading, please take a second to tell us what you think.

It’s Real.

A little while back, we told you we were partnering with a distillery to produce “Mistletoe” whiskey.  That distillery is Damnation Alley in Belmont, MA, and that whiskey is real.

Here’s version 1.0.


Jack and I visited Alison and Jeremy at Damnation Alley last Saturday, tasted some amazing whiskeys, learned a bit about the distilling process — okay, seriously, did everyone else already know that whiskey is clear until it goes into the barrels? — and sampled the “first draft” of Mistletoe.

No, it doesn’t contain actual mistletoe.  We’re not interested in killing you.  Not really.  But it does contain a couple genius, all-natural ingredients that give it incredible flavor and a sinister red glow.

The real deal will be out in the summer, and with the first batch coming in around 50 bottles, we expect they’ll go quickly.  Keep your eye out.  In the meantime, we highly recommend you head down to see them in Belmont, and do some tasting of your own.  They put a ton of passion into their work, and it shows.

A few other updates, since we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few weeks…

If you’re not on our mailing list, get on it.  We’ll be releasing something pretty cool this month, and you won’t want to miss it.

Jack is crushing the art, and Davin is right behind him with some ridiculously cool design work.  As the guy whose talent culminates in typing letters on a screen, it’s been a trip to see the way this thing’s evolving.  Both guys have been making bold creative choices, and it’s paying off.

If you didn’t catch it in his Twitter feed, here’s Jack’s take on The North Pole (Why are there mountains in The North Pole, you ask?  Guess you’ll have to read to find out…):


If you haven’t seen it yet, Matt Conner did a Christmastime interview with us on BamSmackPow.  Matt was actually the first person to interview us when we kicked this project off, so it was fun to talk to him again.

Finally, writer/director Jenna Wright also gave us a shout-out in Episode 10 of The Oddcast.  Check out the entire series, here!


We’re on Bleeding Cool!

What a weekend!  We had an amazing Saturday doing signings at Alternate Universe in Milford, CT, and Comics N’ More in Easthampton, MA.  Now, we’re up on Bleeding Cool!

If you’d do us a favor and share/tweet that link, we’d be much obliged!

Also — here are a few pics from yesterday’s signings:

10408042_10152891699019438_193733249829554270_n 10616698_10152891699054438_7515210601369413161_n photo 4
Finally, here’s a new page from the book!


Come and See Us on Saturday, December 13th!

If you’re in Connecticut or Western Mass, come see us at one of our TWO signings this coming Saturday!

We’ll be at Alternate Universe in Milford, CT from 1-4 PM.  Jack’s got an exclusive, limited set of 25 Rocket Raccoon prints that he’ll be signing (you can only get these here!).  He’ll also be signing Malice and Mistletoe prints along with Nate and Davin.

THEN, we’ll be at the brand spankin’ new Comics N’ More in Easthampton, MA, from 6-9!  Easthampton does an Artwalk every second Saturday of the month, and we’ll be participating in it.  Artwork from the book will be on display, and we’ll be signing more of the Malice and Mistletoe prints!

Prints will not contain the text "Alternate Universe".
Prints will not contain the text “Alternate Universe”.