It’s Real.

A little while back, we told you we were partnering with a distillery to produce “Mistletoe” whiskey.  That distillery is Damnation Alley in Belmont, MA, and that whiskey is real.

Here’s version 1.0.


Jack and I visited Alison and Jeremy at Damnation Alley last Saturday, tasted some amazing whiskeys, learned a bit about the distilling process — okay, seriously, did everyone else already know that whiskey is clear until it goes into the barrels? — and sampled the “first draft” of Mistletoe.

No, it doesn’t contain actual mistletoe.  We’re not interested in killing you.  Not really.  But it does contain a couple genius, all-natural ingredients that give it incredible flavor and a sinister red glow.

The real deal will be out in the summer, and with the first batch coming in around 50 bottles, we expect they’ll go quickly.  Keep your eye out.  In the meantime, we highly recommend you head down to see them in Belmont, and do some tasting of your own.  They put a ton of passion into their work, and it shows.

A few other updates, since we’ve been pretty quiet over the last few weeks…

If you’re not on our mailing list, get on it.  We’ll be releasing something pretty cool this month, and you won’t want to miss it.

Jack is crushing the art, and Davin is right behind him with some ridiculously cool design work.  As the guy whose talent culminates in typing letters on a screen, it’s been a trip to see the way this thing’s evolving.  Both guys have been making bold creative choices, and it’s paying off.

If you didn’t catch it in his Twitter feed, here’s Jack’s take on The North Pole (Why are there mountains in The North Pole, you ask?  Guess you’ll have to read to find out…):


If you haven’t seen it yet, Matt Conner did a Christmastime interview with us on BamSmackPow.  Matt was actually the first person to interview us when we kicked this project off, so it was fun to talk to him again.

Finally, writer/director Jenna Wright also gave us a shout-out in Episode 10 of The Oddcast.  Check out the entire series, here!


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