Monthly Archives: April 2015

Gisila and a Friend’s New Book!

Meet Gisila:  One of Claus’ spies assigned to help Eldon in his quest to kill Krampus.  And no — she’s not happy about it.



We want to take a second to pimp our friend (and Malice and Mistletoe backer!) James Schannep’s newest book — SUPERPOWERED.  It’s basically a choose your own adventure for adults.  I had a sneak peak at an early draft and it’s a ton of fun.

You might also notice that the below art looks a little familiar.  That’s because it’s the work of Malice and Mistletoe’s very own Jack Purcell.  Killing it, as always.

James is currently giving away signed copies of the series in celebration of the latest release.  CHECK IT!